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Sauvignon Blanc or Sauvignon Bland….?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

20 barrels sauvignon blanc 2009

It’s one of the nation’s favourite white wines but as it continues to gain grounds in the popularity stakes is Sauvignon Blanc in danger of becoming the next Pinot Grigio? If some of the recent one’s I’ve tasted are anything to go by then move over Sauvignon Blanc; enter Sauvignon Bland. Luckily they’re not all bad. Here’s one to swallow and a couple you should spit:

Wine: 20 Barrels Limited Edition Sauvignon Blanc 2009
White from Casablanca Valley, Chile
Price: £14.00
Outlets: Corks Out, Hailsham Wine Cellars,, Your Favourite Wines
Occasion: A classy aperitif

Swallow because:
With only 1,000 cases produced, it’s a wine you’ll want to get your hands on before stocks run out. Its younger sister, the 2010 vintage, has just won best Sauvignon Blanc in the world (!) at the International Wine & Spirit Challenge this month so while that one is making its way across the Atlantic check out the ‘09 which is an English country garden in a glass; freshly cut grass, pea pod, asparagus and lime characters. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc….. watch out! ………

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Man up….

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Champagne Billecart_Salmon Brut Sous Bois NVStop. Date check. It’s 2011, non? And yet I’m still rarely passed the wine list unless Mr B gestures for the waiter to do so. It makes me wonder when I’m out with my girlfriends how staff decide which one of us looks worthy of being handed the wine list. What qualities do they look for within the group? The one with the largest nose? The one that looks like they earn the most? Wine savvy or not when it’s just us girls they can’t fall back on the usual indicator of what is or is not between our legs….

With this in mind I’m manning up. Not in a stuff my trousers sort of way or by quoting equal rights the next time a wine list is swooped into Mr B’s hands. Non, this month I’m manning up my wines, I’m talking wood, full bodied, oaky wines that stand up and get noticed and can’t fail to be taken seriously. Au revoir light and floral, delicate whites and pinker than pink summer rosés. This season I’m drinking manly wines, wines that won’t pull their punches and are so fantastically complex that you’ll be left in no doubt as to who’s wearing the trousers. ………

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Casa Silva CarmenereEvery January London’s streets become a training track for the Christmas over indulgers and crazy London marathon runners. After April the pavements are cut some slack but come May a swathe of women take to the streets. Have you noticed? They’re all a similar age, all desperate to tone up & lose some weight and all sporting a diamond or three on their left hand. Beware the Bridezilla’s!

It’s a horrible term isn’t it? Bridezilla. A cross between a bride and an oversized gorilla, ………

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Spring 2011 wine trends…..

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


shaw_M3_bottleTaste the difference Beaujolais VillagesThe rediscovery of fashions past is ever present. My March issue of Elle magazine tells me we should bid adieu to 80’s shoulder pads whilst preparing to (re)embrace the 70’s flare. In wine terms things don’t move quite so quickly but there are definitely some trends this season that you should look out for. Here are my top 3 wine style tips for Spring 2011….

Aromatic whites have their time and place. I’ve recently gone off Gewurztraminer, for example. Riesling on the other hand I can’t get enough of. Elegant and delicate, never lacking intensity, sometimes dry, sometimes sweet. It’s like one of those floral print jumpsuits you can’t decide whether to love or loathe… it may not be to everybody’s taste but find the right one and you’ll feel like it’s been made for you. ………

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Work-hard, play-hard, chill-out with Chile….

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon / Viogner 2008
There are so many great things about living in London; world class restaurants, world renowned shopping districts, a city steeped in history and bulging at the seams with diversity. The work-hard, play-hard raison d’etre creates a city of no limits and gives us access to everything at anytime, anywhere. Top of my favourite London things is the unrivalled selection of wines you can buy from any wine producing region you can think of without having to extend the zones on your travel card. Even a hop skip and a jump over the Channel to Paris, the nearest ‘have it all’ city to rival London and the selection in a wine shop, restaurant or wine bar is a very different matter. J’adore French wine but if I’m looking for value for money then I know my GBP’s will go ten times further if I opt for something from a little further afield, namely South America, and my money’s on the reds.

For some time now I’ve flown the flag for Argentina’s red wines. You can get some pretty serious Malbec to take home having parted with less than a couple of notes but I’ve become a little bit tired of the jump out of the glass and smack you on the nose style that has become the norm. Take a hop, skip and a jump over the Andes to Chile however and the wines over there are a very different matter. We’re talking stonking wines that are balanced with taste, finesse, elegance and a price tag that is more pleasure and less pain. ………

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Miss Bouquet’s World Wine Flag – The Results!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

WWF_logoThe results are in! The wines selected to fly the Miss Bouquet World Wine Flag are ready to be revealed! Last month, when England was still in the World Cup and the St George’s cross was freckling the streets I got a group of football widows together for a night flying a flag of a different kind. The World Wine Flag. Red, white and rosé of course.

Why? Well I’ve sat through my fair share of formulaic wine trade seminars in my time, you know the ones with the dramatic sounding titles that lead you to believe that by attending this seminar you’ll walk away with the key to abundant wine sales at profitable margins for years to come. My most recent experience of this time wasting exercise was at the London International Wine Fair 2010 in May. The seminar was alluringly titled:

“Where is the UK wine category heading”


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