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Every Wine Tells a Story…. Volume II

Monday, December 5th, 2011

If you’re looking for a last minute stocking filler for the wine drinker lover in your life then look no further than the second volume of Every Wine Tells a Story. A collection of the most memorable, provocative and emotive wines as experienced by 39 international wine lovers, including yours truly!


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Zinfandel… Why. So. Serious??

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

The Zinfandel grape is probably best known by the masses for its contribution to the sickly sweet rosé wines from California aka Zinfandel blush. But as with any rosé wine it starts life as a red grape, and in the case of Zinfandel it’s seen in all its glory when au naturel; red, still and spicy.

I hadn’t realised until now but since being invited along to meet Joel Peterson, reputed Zinfandel winemaker at California winery Ravenswood, Zinfandel is a grape I’ve unconsciously been skimming over on wine lists and in the wine isle. A preconceived opinion tainted by its blush relatives? Probably. So in the name of ‘continued-professional-tasting’ I was delighted to taste a range of Ravenswood red Zinfandels at 28-50 Wine Workshop & Kitchen – city wine bar of the moment.

As one known to buy a Yorkie chocolate bar simply to defy the ‘it’s not for girls’ slogan the Ravenswood Zinfandel tasting equally lured me in with its promise of ‘no wimpy wines.’ ………

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How to Toast your Roast…

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

ROASTAs winter sets in and our nights become longer, my sport turns from fresh air and cycling to blankets and the sofa. Animated evenings in beer gardens have morphed into leisurely afternoons spent munching mammoth meals and sipping on warming red wines.

If you ask me there’s no dish that says winter more than a roast dinner and although I can only aspire to cook one as good as my Mums it’s a labour of love every time. My favourite roast is a close call between beef and lamb. Lamb because I have an unhealthy appetite for mint sauce and beef because it offers one of the only opportunities to get out the Horseradish. Mr Bouquet finds the traditional roast dinner too bland for his taste and I guess he’s not alone, but when paired with some carefully considered sauce – on your plate and in your glass – it can make all the difference. ………

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Miss Bouquet’s World Wine Flag – The Results!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

WWF_logoThe results are in! The wines selected to fly the Miss Bouquet World Wine Flag are ready to be revealed! Last month, when England was still in the World Cup and the St George’s cross was freckling the streets I got a group of football widows together for a night flying a flag of a different kind. The World Wine Flag. Red, white and rosé of course.

Why? Well I’ve sat through my fair share of formulaic wine trade seminars in my time, you know the ones with the dramatic sounding titles that lead you to believe that by attending this seminar you’ll walk away with the key to abundant wine sales at profitable margins for years to come. My most recent experience of this time wasting exercise was at the London International Wine Fair 2010 in May. The seminar was alluringly titled:

“Where is the UK wine category heading”


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